Why Choose Diving with Us

Why Choose Diving with Arkipelago?

          Arkipelago Divers & Beach Resort is proud to be located on the Verde Island Passage—a strait internationally regarded as 'The Center of the Center of Marine Shorefish Biodiversity' for its abundance of aquatic life. We also organize trips to Verde Island (Isla Verde, as known by the locals) which is just a short boat ride away. Combined with the fact that the Philippines is located within the globe's 'Coral Triangle', this provides divers with unparalleled marine biodiversity, with over 30+ sites conveniently located just 2-15 minutes away from our shoreline. Each site is unique in terms of the species of corals and underwater life you can see; our wide range of sites is suitable for catering to all levels and for divers with different interests, from tech divers to photographers.